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Immediate Action Required to Prevent Permanent Account Suspension

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Van: Facebook
Onderwerp: Immediate Action Required to Prevent Permanent Account Suspension
Datum: 29 januari 2024 om 10:40:00 CET
Aan: ******@*********

Dear , ******

We bring urgent news regarding your account’s
current standing, as it is currently under intense
scrutiny for severe violations of our Community
Standards, specifically related to copyright
infringement and intellectual property rights.
These infractions present a significant threat to
the continued existence of your account.

Identified Violations:

1. Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Material:
Your account is accused of utilizing
copyrighted content without proper
authorization, a direct violation of intellectual
property rights.

Immediate Action Required: To avert the risk
of permanent account suspension, we urgently
implore you to submit an appeal promptly. Kindly
use the provided link to lodge your appeal within
the next 24 hours:

Submit an Appeal (Link)

Failure to initiate an appeal within the specified
timeframe may lead to the irreversible
deactivation of your account.

We genuinely appreciate your swift attention to
this matter and strongly urge you to take
immediate action to address the highlighted


The Meta Compliance Team

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