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Аccount Sеcurity Notificаtion


Van: MеtaMаsk
Datum: 29 februari 2024 om 00:55:09 CET
Aan: ************@************
Onderwerp: Аccount Sеcurity Notificаtion

Important Account Security Notification

We hope this email finds you well. Our security systems have detected some unusual activity on your account, leading us to take action to protect your account.

For your safety, your account has been temporarily disabled. To restore access and enhance the security of your account, we strongly advise you to activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) without delay.

Click the button below to activate 2FA:

Activate 2FA [link]

If you encounter any challenges or have concerns, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you.

Your prompt attention to this matter is highly appreciated, as it contributes to the continued security of your account.

Best regards,
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